Character information released!!

Character Profiles of Kaburagi and Natsume released.


CV:Katsuyuki Konishi


CV:Tomori Kusunoki

Information on Opening Theme Song and Ending Theme song revealed!! Comments from the artists are in!

- OPテーマ

「Theater of Life」



■ 収録内容

  1. 「Theater of Life」( TVアニメ「デカダンス」オープニングテーマ)
  2. 「タイトル未定」


■ 発売・販売:株式会社KADOKAWA ■ 税抜価格:1,200円/税込価格:1,320円 ■ 品番:ZMCZ-14171

- EDテーマ




■ 収録内容

  1. 「記憶の箱舟」(TVアニメ「デカダンス」エンディングテーマ)
    作詞:伊東歌詞太郎 作曲:伊東歌詞太郎 編曲:akkin
  2. タイトル未定A
  3. タイトル未定B
  4. 「記憶の箱舟」(Instrumental)

■ 発売・販売:株式会社KADOKAWA ■ 税抜価格:1,200円/税込価格:1,320円 ■ 品番:ZMCZ-14172


Opening Theme Song

Artist: Konomi Suzuki

This story is so cool, with the characters striving to live their life with a strong will of their own despite the harsh conditions they are placed in. This Opening Theme "Theater of Life" is all about the determination to take control of one’s own life, and about the moment of sensation in a life full of sweat. The song makes you feel like taking a big step forward in your life, and I am excited to loot for those characters with this cheering song!

Ending Theme Song

Artist: Kashitaro Ito

Ever since I was handed the early version of the storyboard and read it carefully, the plot of the story has hooked me so deeply and fascinated me so much. I think I was able to express things which are common in both the feelings of the characters in the story and some thoughts that have always been on my mind. I think this song adds some spice to the animation, so please enjoy until the end roll is all up.

Staff & Cast profiles now ready for release!!


Original Work / DECA-DENCE PROJECT Director / Yuzuru Tachikawa Story Editor / Hiroshi Seko Character Design / Shinichi Kurita Character Concept Design / pomodorosa Cyborg Design / Kiyotaka Oshiyama(Studio DURIAN) DECA-DENCE Design / Hiromatsu Shu Gadoll Design / Satoshi Matsuura Sub Character Design / Hiromi Taniguchi   Ai Ogata Battle Concept Design / Tetsuya Masuda Prop Design / Fuminori Tsukita   Hiyori Denforword Akishino(Aki Production) Visual Concept / Izumi Murakami Art Director / Takashi Ichikura Color Design / Chiho Nakamura Photography Director / Masashi Uoyama 3DCG Director / Masato Takahashi Editor / Yumi Jinguji Music / Masahiro Tokuda Sound Director / Fumiyuki Goh Animation Production / NUT Presented by / DECA-DENCE PROJECT


Kaburagi / Katsuyuki Konishi Natsume / Tomori Kusunoki

Key Visual released!! On-Air start in July 2020!

Comments from Director Tachikawa and Producer Tsunoki (NUT) are in!!



Yuzuru Tachikawa

It has been quite a while since I was last involved in an Original TV Animation Series! I have come to the mid-career point in my career as an Animation Director, but I am so excited to tackle this untried genre. For sure now, my hands are still full of cuts that I do not know how to go through with :-) "DECA-DENSE" is full of highlights, the drama unfolding in a world that is larger than life, not to mention the fights against big monsters and a gigantic moving fortress, too!! And this being an original story, there is so much more that I cannot yet tell you at this moment. Please follow the story and the drama to the very end! Thank you in advance for your support!!

Producer Tsunoki


It was while I was working on "The Saga of Tanya the Evil" TV series that we started talking about perhaps making an original story animation series with Director Tachikawa and KADOKAWA'S Producer Tanaka, and that, I think, was the very beginning of this project. Since this story was an original, we spent so much time going back and forth to build up the entire worldview of this drama, little by little with the help and support of various crew and staff members, and before you knew it, the project had become such a monster... How could it ever become this way? This animation series is the first original project from our studio "NUT", which I produced with our very reliable staff and crew. Hope that everyone watching this would enjoy!!

Teaser Promotional Video released!!

TV Animation Sereis "DECA-DENSE" Teaser Trailer released!!


A brand new original TV animation project from the up-and-coming and talented animation studio NUT that brought the megahit “The Saga of Tanya the Evil” series to both the TV screen and the silver screen is now finally on the move! Bringing together an all-star staff of creators and artists, this gut-wrenching Sci-Fi action epic depicted on an astounding scale will reunite the golden duo of world-renowned director Yuzuru Tachikawa (10 billion-yen international blockbuster “Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer”, his self-penned “Death Parade” etc.) and scriptwriter Hiroshi Seko (“Banana Fish”, “Vinland Saga” etc.) who worked together on the popular TV animation adaptation of “Mob Psycho 100.”