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This week’s Gadoll

- burrn

A special type of mid-sized Gadoll. Symmetrical in all directions, it has a mouth-like hole on its underside. It attacks with piercing spins, by spinning, or by swallowing its victims whole.

- seldurum

A mid-sized Gadoll built for defense. Other than the armored shell around its legs, it has a soft body not unlike a sea anemone. It guards its body with giant pincers.

- selhammer

A mid-sized Gadoll build for defense. With a hammer-like structure protruding from its head, it attacks by forming into a ball.

- nemollis

A mid-sized Gadoll bred for consumption. Excretes mucus, bites, and whips its body to attack. Choice cuts are a vivid pink.

- luminescrew

A special type of mid-sized Gadoll. Its teal sections glow in the dark. Lures prey with its vivid lights and consumes them with its tentacles. Locomotes via muscle contractions like a worm.

- whipcord

A small Gadoll bred for consumption. Its tail resembles a pair of scissors.

- pittow

An offensive-focused Gadoll. Possesses a sucker mouth and is shaped like a sting ray.

- Fog Gadoll

A unique type approximately 3 meters tall. While camouflaging itself by emitting a mist from the ventilation holes on its body, it attacks with its huge jaw and sharp claws. Its claws are webbed. The vents are pliant and soft like a Manila clam's mouth.

- Stargate

Its head is shaped like a starfish, and the red parts are eye-like organs. Its decaying muscle fibers secrete sticky fluids. The humans see it in this state of falling apart, still unfinished.

- Megaloain

Mid-size offensive Gadoll. It lacks eyes. The protuberances on its body evolved from teeth, and the red lines are gums. It can move the individual teeth in its mouth independently.

- Darumoss

Mid-size offensive Gadoll, approximately 7 meters in height. It protects its body with wire-like bristles.

- Spoonwormer

Mid-sized Gadoll that humans butcher for its meat. It can transform from a six-legged form approximately 3 meters in height into a bipedal form approximately 5 meters in height. Before transformation it has a mouth at the bottom, and after transformation it uses the brown pincers on its tail to attack.

- Avispine

Mid-sized offensive Gadoll, approximately 5 meters in height. Attacks opponents with its sharp talons and piercing beak. May sometimes launch its dorsal spikes. Very quick and agile.

- Octhulhu

Mid-sized offensive Gadoll, approximately 6 meters in height. Attacks opponents by lashing them with its arms and tail.

- Giland

Large-sized offensive Gadoll. Approximately the same size as the Deca-dence. Can walk on two legs. Its back is covered with spikes that look like fossilized shells.