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A device used to close the game. When activated, everything within the playing field is exterminated following a countdown.

An armament installed on the roof of Solid Quake Company. Intended for use in emergency situations.

Short for ‘Gadoll Genocide System’. All Gadoll are exterminated upon system activation.

The organization that is responsible for security within the game. Organized around Fugin, they deal with the various scandals that occur inside the game.

A submarine incubation facility that cultivates the Gadoll. Gadoll are spawned and released into the field according to a schedule set by management.

A dubious alcohol made from the excrement of the Gadoll, which is a specialty of Sarkozy.

A deadly game devised to kill time in the Correctional Facility. Combatants battle each other upon an agitator using shovels. Victory is achieved by rendering the opponent unable to fight or knocking them into the manure pool below.

Fighters who have attained high rank for their performance in the popular game Deca-dence. Rankings are determined by a combination of performance and popularity. All types of fighters are ranked, from professionals belonging to corporations to amateurs.

Nests of the Gadoll

Originally meant humans who had some part of their bodies changed to machinery, but gradually the trend shifted towards mechanizing the entire body. Though they are still called Cyborgs, they are quite different beings compared to the early Cyborgs.

A very versatile energy source. Green in color, this is the liquid that fuels the Deca-dence, the Gadoll, and the many cyborgs.

A megacorporation that operates the immensely popular game Deca-dence.

Bodies operated by players or maintenance staff who have logged into the game Deca-dence produced by Solid Quake.

A facility that imprisons cyborgs who have disobeyed the System. Those sent to the correctional facility will be tasked with disposing of Gadoll excrement.

A gigantic 3000m-high mobile fortress created by humans to counter the Gadoll.

An unknown life form that has pushed humans to the brink of extinction. Everything about it is shrouded in mystery, including its ecology system. 

Generic term for people who have the ability to fight the Gadoll. They form the military organization called The Power, and fight the Gadoll day to day.

Generic term for people who lack the ability to fight the Gadoll. The people who live in the Deca-dance are categorized into two groups, the Gears and the Tankers.

The military organization formed by the Gears. Its purpose is to fight the Gadoll and protect the Deca-dence. There are some Tankers, albeit a few, who have gone onto join this organization.

A district within the Deca-dence where the Tankers dwell. 

An extraordinary force field triggered by the defensive instinct of the Gadoll. Within this zone, a magnetic field is generated which destabilizes gravity.